Join our membership partner program and save up to hundreds of dollars on everything


Beginning November 1, 2021, we are giving you the option of becoming a Membership Partner with NCBC Equipment. When you join, you'll get "real wholesale" pricing for hundreds of products you already use from top manufacturers and suppliers like KleenRite, PMF, X-Power, Westpak, Rokan Reels, and Eagle Wash Hose, Abatement Technologies, Titan Chemical, and others. There are other websites and Retail suppliers who may offer you a Membership or give you an estimated freight cost, hoping to lure you into believing their prices are the lowest, but when you become a Membership Partner with us, we'll GUARANTEE you true Wholesale prices. A $75.00 annual/renewable fee is all that's required to qualify for these prices for a full year (pricing is in BLUE) . After becoming a Membership Partner, you can also use the CHEM-BUY Program (pricing in RED) to get the most savings on anything you purchase. If you're not interested in the savings provided by joining, then your Non-Membership pricing is in (BLACK)

Benefits of becoming a Membership Partner

  • You'll get low advertised, internet, or store prices (prices are in BLUE) (FREE FREIGHT may apply if noted)
  • You'll qualify to use the CHEM-BUY Program and save the most money (Prices are in RED) (see details)
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back
  • Prices may change without notice