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The BEST DAMN carpet cleaning powdered detergent on the planet; GUARANTEED


Your Money Back

   This New Generation residue-free powdered carpet and upholstery detergent from TITAN Chemicals will outperform every powdered detergent on the planet; including Chemspec's Formula 90 powder, Prochem's Dry Slurry, Chemeister's Grease Eraser, Bridgepoint's Flex powder w/Citus-Solv, just to name a few; or Your Money Back.

   POWER-BLASTER is a 100% active formulation that uses no fillers but is made with a proprietary blend of biodegradable hydrophobic, hydrophilic, aliphatic, and lipophilic surfactants to lower the surface tension of water for more efficient detergency action and aggressive emulsification of oily, greasy, and dry soil so extraction is more complete.
   POWER-BLASTER is also formulated with anti-soiling and re-deposition agents to minimize future soiling; corrosion inhibitors to protect the copper and other metal parts of the equipment from the harmful effects of degradation; detergent builders to enhance the cleanability of the surfactants; buffering agents to maintain optimal pH levels of the detergent for superior cleaning under various environments; anti-foaming agents to minimize the hindering effects of excessive foam in the cleaning system; water softeners
& chelates to enhance cleaning by suspending & neutralizing the negative effects of minerals in the water; odor neutralizers to absorb & bind (not mask) malodors in the carpet & padding; encapsulating polymers that dry to a crystalline to surround and suspend soil particlulates so they can continuously be removed by vacuuming after initial cleaning in order to keep the carpet cleaner: LONGER; and our very own POWERSOLV (a proprietary blend of hydrophilic, hydrophobic, and terpene solvents) that will break down and emulsify protein, oily, greasy, dry, sticky, and residual soil particulates found in carpets. Safe for 5th generation stain resist nylon carpets.
   POWER-BLASTER is a yellow citrus-based free-flowing powder that is packaged in a single 8# jar, cases of 4/8# jars, and 50# pails. Truckmounts: mix 1.5# jar in a 5 gallon Hedpak of water & meter @ 2-3 gph. Portables: mix 2 scoops (ounces) in
5 gallons of water. Pre-spray (synthetic carpets): mix 2 scoops (ounces) in a pump or electric sprayer of water.  

pH of 10.5  

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