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*  MAG-90 LIQUID (compare with Chemspec's Formula 90 Liquid)

The most "POWERFUL" super-concentrated, economical, and biodegradable liquid detergent designed for use in truckmounts and portables on the market. This liquid detergent contains no phosphates or caustic; but it will clean the toughest soils in carpets and leave them soft and bright. Residue build-up is non-existent when used with proper dilutions. MAG-90 is the most concentrated liquid detergent available with dilution ratios of 320:1; 640:1; and 960:1 (2 oz per 15 gallons of water) MAG-90 also contains anti-soiling agents and encapsulating polymers that will dry to a crystalline for easy vacuum removal so carpets stay cleaner; LONGER, and will leave them residue-free. MAG-90 will clean better than any liquid detergent on the market, or we will refund your money. Contains corrosion inhibitors, buffering agents, detergent builders, water softeners, a proprietary blend of surfactants, chelates, an odor neutralizer, encapsulation polymers, and POWERSOLV (a proprietary blend of hydrocarbon & oxygenated solvents) to attack the toughest greasy and oily soils. Safe for Wool carpets when mixed at proper dilutions, and safe for stain resist and 5th generation nylon carpet. Ideal for commercial, restaurant, and residential carpet. Dissolves easily in cold or hot water. A blue liquid with a citrus scent. 

RTU pH: 10.3

- gallon:  $45.00/gal         - case/4 gallons:  $170.00/cs                     


*  Power-Slam Detergent (compare with Chemspec's Formula 90 powder)

A "POWERFUL" low-foam powdered detergent blended with builders, a proprietary blend of surfactants, chelates, water softeners, corrosion inhibitors, and our own POWERSOLV. Can be used with truckmounts, portables, or rotary bonnet machines. Safe for stain resist and 5th generation carpets. Biodegradable and cost effective to use. Dries to a crystalline powder so it can be vacuumed out of the carpet leaving it brighter and cleaner longer. Contains no VOC's, caustics, or fillers to clog lines or pumps. Strong citrus scent.   

RTU pH:  10.0

- 8# jar:  $35.00/jar            - case of 4/ 8# jars:  $129.00/cs           - 50# pail:  $170.00

 POWER-BLASTER Powdered Truckmount Detergent

(The BEST DAMN carpet cleaning detergent powder on the planet; or YOUR MONEY BACK)

  POWER-BLASTER is GUARANTEED to be the BEST DAMN powdered detergent you've ever used to attack and clean the filthiest residential, commercial, and restaurant carpets; or Your Money Back. Formulated with a unique blend of hydrophilic, hydrophobic, and lipophilic surfactants, phosphate-free builders, chelates, water softeners, corrosion inhibitors, encapsulating polymers, odor absorbing neutralizers, anti-soiling agents, anti-foamers, and our POWERSOLV (a proprietary blend of solvents that dissolve oily, greasy, and sticky soils) There is no powdered detergent on the planet that will clean and keep carpets cleaner; LONGER. POWER-BLASTER will not clog lines, jets, or the pump in your truckmount, will not allow your waste tank to build up foam that can harm your blower, or leave a sticky residue on the carpet. Dries to a crystalline so that vacuuming will actually keep carpets cleaner; long after the carpet dries. Anti-soiling agents and polymers will help protect carpets from certain spills and make it easier for cleaning at a later date. Formulated as a yellow powder with a strong citrus odor. Mixes @ 1.5# per 5 gallon Hedpak and metered @ 2-3 gph in truckmounts: Mix 2 scoops to 5 gallons of water in portables:  Mix 2 scoops (ounces) per gallon of hot water for pre-spray or completely mix 4-6 scoops (ounces) in 5 quart injector sprayer and meter @ 1:8 (yellow tip) Compare with Chemspec's Formula 90 powder, Prochem's Dry Slurry, or Bridgepoint's FLEX Powder w/Citrus Solv.

If you're not convinced it's better than anything you've ever used, we'll refund your money (NO QUESTIONS ASKED and NO NEED TO SEND BACK)    

RTU pH: 10.5

- 8# jar:  $49.00         - case of 4/ 8# jars:  $160.00/cs       
 - 50# pail:  $225.00


FIRE-POWER Liquid Detergent (carpet cleaning detergent) 

   A super-concentrated encapsulation detergent that will tackle tough soils when cleaning residential and commercial carpets and upholstery. Formulated with the most effective surfactants, solvents, buffering agents, chelates, encapsulation polymers, and builders for tough oily, greasy, and dry soils. Use with truckmounts, portable extractors, circular brush machines, or rotary bonnet machines. Dries to a crystalline so soils can be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner when dry. This keeps carpets and upholstery cleaner for longer periods of time. Safe for stain resist carpets, wettable upholstery, and wool carpets. Contains no phoshates or caustic. Fresh citrus scent.
RTU pH: 9.5 

- gallon:  $29.00           - case/4 gallons:  $110.00



* MICRO-GONE SR Concentrate (identical formulation as Milgo SR™) 

   A deodorant that is the IDENTICAL FORMULATION as DriEaz's Milgo SR™ and formulated to treat malodors associated with water damage, urine, feces, sewage backup, perspiration, flooding, decay, decomposition, mold, and mildew from material and surfaces such as carpet, carpet padding, upholstery, drapes, bedding, mattresses, floors, walls, plaster, concrete, and subflooring. Use it as an additive to detergent solutions in carpet cleaning. Can also be added to laundry to treat malodors in clothing and fabrics. Can also be pump/electric sprayed, injected, added to mop water, or used in a fogger for vent cleaning and to reach areas behind walls and above ceilings where mold and mildew occur. Should not be used in place of a disinfectant. Contains no cationic compounds so it is safe for stain resist and 5th generation nylon carpets. A blue liquid with a strong fresh lemon scent. Dilutes the same as Milgo SR™

Concentrate pH:  7.5

- gallon concentrate:  $40.00/gal        - case/4 gallons:  $140.00      - 4+ cases:  $110.00 each       

                                                - 5 gallon pail:  $180.00 (pick up only)

* ODOR-B-GONE (super concentrated enzyme deodorant / malodor treatment)

   A super concentrated deodorizer / malodor digester formulated with over 400 billion colonies of highly-active anaerobic and facultative strains of bio enzymatic producing microbes that digest and eliminate bacterial odors in carpet and upholstery caused by pet urine, feces, vomit, perspiration, decay, sewage, nicotene, decomposition of bodily fluids, and even SKUNK odors. Designed to be applied with an electric or pump sprayer or by syringe injection. Can also be applied using warm water (no higher than 150º) extraction equipment during carpet and upholstery cleaning. Safe for use on all wettable fabrics and stain resist carpets. DO NOT use with cationic detergents or disinfectants that contain alcohol or gluteraldehyde. Avoid storing in direct sunlight or heat. Fresh lemon scent. DILUTABLE.

RTU pH: 7.5

- gallon concentrate:  $35.00/gal         - case/4 gallons:  $120.00/cs