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* MAG-90 Liquid Detergent (compare with Chemspec Liquid 90)

A super concentrated, low residue, low foam, phosphate-free detergent designed to work with truckmounts and portable extractors. This highly buffered detergent will maintain maximum cleaning at all dilutions using hot or cold water. Formulated with a proprietary blend of biodegradable hydrophobic, hydrophilic, and lipophilic surfactants, builders, chelates, water softeners, anti-soiling agents, an encapsulating polymer dispersant agent, corrosion inhibitors, and our very own POWERSOLV (a proprietary blend of hydrocarbon & oxygenated solvents) that will break down the toughest soils and dry to a crystalline in order to encapsulate each soil particulate and allow for easy vacuuming; keeping carpets cleaner for longer periods of time and minimizing detergent residue. Dilution ratios can be as low as 1 ounce of MAG-90 to each 5 gallons of hot or cold water when used in portable extractors or 32 ounces of MAG-90 mixed in a 5 gallon container and metered @ 2-3 gph when used with a truckmount. Can also be diluted so it's safe for wool carpets @ ¾ ounce per 5 gallons of water or 40 ounces of MAG-90 added to 100 gallons of water in a fresh water tank. Safe for use with stain resist and 5th generation nylon carpet when diluted properly.

Undiluted pH:  13.0

- gallon:  $49.00        - case 4 gallons:  $180.00/cs         

(compare with Chemspec Formula 90 Powder)

   A low residue, free-flowing, phosphate-free powdered detergent designed for truckmounts and portable extractors. Formulated with a proprietary blend of surfactants corrosion inhibitors, builders, buffering agents, chelates, and our POWERSOLV (a special blend of hydrocarbon and oxygenated solvents) that will break down most oily residue and dry soil particulates commonly found in most residential, commercial, and restaurant carpets. Contains an encapsulating polymer that causes the Power-Slam solution to dry to a brittle crystalline so that carpets can be vacuumed and keep the carpet cleaner for longer periods of time. Blended as a yellow powder that has a strong citrus scent. Safe for stain resist and wool carpets when diluted properly. Mixes @ 1½ pounds of powder to each 5 gallon container of water and metered @ 2-3 gph for truckmounts; or
2 ounces (2 scoops) to each 5 gallons of water when using a portable extractor.

Undiluted pH:  11.0

- 8# jar:  $32.00           - case 4 jars:  $120.00/cs          - 50# pail:  $170.00

* POWER-BLASTER Truckmount Powdered Detergent
(BEST DAMN powdered detergent on the planet)

   This NEW GENERATION low-foam, low-residue, phosphate-free powdered detergent is designed specifically for the dirtiest carpets you'll ever attempt to clean. POWER-BLASTER is the most economical, most complete, and the most effective powdered detergent on the planet for revitalizing residential, commercial, and restaurant carpets. Most powdered detergents need additional chemicals to enhance their ability to emulsify and break down soils in the carpet. POWER-BLASTER already contains those chemicals in its formulation; saving you money. Formulated with various blends of biodegradable surfactants, corrosion inhibitors, builders, sequestrant agents, chelates, anti-soiling agents, water softeners, odor neutralizing enzymes, cultured enzymes for breaking down fats, oils, grease, and proteins, buffering agents, encapsulating dispersent polymers that dry to a crystalline, and our POWERSOLV (a proprietary blend of hydrocarbon and oxygenated solvents). This yellow, citrus scented powdered detergent mixes easily in warm water @ 1½ pounds to a 5 gallon container and metered @
2-3 gph when used in truckmounts; or 2 ounces (2 scoops) per 5 gallons of warm water when used with a portable extractor. Safe to use on stain resist and wool carpets when diluted according to label. POWER-BLASTER is also designed to be used as a pre-spray before cleaning carpets that are extremely dirty.

Undiluted pH:  12.0

- 8# jar:  $45.00          - case 4 jars:  $170.00/cs           - 50# pail:  $235.00

* FIRE-POWER (pre-conditioner / traffic area cleaner)

   An economical and concentrated low-foam and low-residue pre-spray designed to treat heavy traffic areas and carpets that need a pre-conditioner before cleaning. Formulated with hydrocarbon solvents, softeners, builders, chelates, blended surfactants, and oxygenated agents that will loosen, emulsify, and suspend oily, greasy, protein and dry soil particulates making it easier to remove by extraction or bonnet cleaning on residential, commercial, and restaurant carpets. Dilutes @ 1-3 ounces per gallon of water when applied to traffic areas and as little as 1 ounce per gallon of water when applied as a pre-conditioner. Apply with a pump, electric, or injection sprayer. Excellent when used prior to cleaning with MAG-90 or POWER-SLAM detergent on severely soiled carpets. Safe to be applied to stain resist and wool carpets when diluted according to label. 

Undiluted pH:  10.5 

- gallon:  $24.00            - case 4 gallons:  $90.00/cs            

(compare with any fiber rinses by Prochem, Chemspec, or Bridgepoint)

   An acidic pH rinse designed to treat and correct damaging effects on carpet and upholstery due to alkaline browning and dye bleeding. EVEN-UP will neutralize alkalinity, stabilize dye set, eliminate browning due to chemical burn, help eliminate detergent residue, and help leave carpets softer when dry (unless encapsulation is used during cleaning) Safe for stain release and wool carpets, and wettable natural or synthetic fibers on upholstery. Dilute according to use.

Undiluted pH:  1.8

- gallon:  $22.00           - case 4 gallons:  $80.00/cs


* MICRO-GONE SR (IDENTICAL formulation as DriEaz's MILGO SR)

   A concentrated professional strength non-ionic malodor neutralizer with wide spectrum odor control to eliminate odors caused by urine, feces, floods, dampness, perspiration, sewage back-up, decay, decomposition, mold, and mildew on porous surfaces such as carpet, drapes, upholstery, bedding, mattresses, and non-porous surfaces such as drywall, flooring, walls, tackless strip, plaster, and concrete. Can be applied with a pump or electric sprayer, injection syringe, foggers, mop water, sponges, or wet cloths. Can also be added to any detergent solution when cleaning carpet or upholstery, or washing machine laundry to eliminate malodors. Contains no cationic compounds and should not be used as a disinfectant or biocide for treating dangerous microbes. Formulated as a blue liquid with a strong lemon scent. Dilute according to lable instructions for each specific use.

Undiluted pH:  7.5

- gallon:  $37.00            - case 4 gallons:  $140.00/cs         - 4 + cases:  $115.00/cs

 (super concentated enzyme-based malodor digester / deodorant)

   A super concentrated deodorizer designed to treat and eliminate malodors caused by pet urine, feces, vomit, perspiration, decay, sewage, decomposition, spoilage, and even SKUNK. Formulated with over 800 billion colnies of highly active anaerobic and facultative strains of bio-enzymatic producing microbes that will digest and eliminate bacterial odors in carpet, upholstery, drapes, fabric, enclosed containers, portable toilets, septic tanks, and storage areas. Can be applied by any pump, electric, or injector sprayer, syringe, sponge, or mop water. Safe for use on stain resist carpet and wettable fabric. Do not use in water that exceeds 150º temps or mix with any cationic detergent solution. Store in a cool area and avoid direct sunlight. Comes unscented or lemon scented. Dilutable based on application. Dilute based on severity of odors. Read label before using.

Undiltued pH:  6.5

- gallon:  $34.00           - case 4 gallons:  $120.00/cs